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The PolyGLOTS.us is a language center which offers tutoring (English as a second language, German and Polish) for small groups of students. Our language center offers also translation services within English, German, Spanish and Polish languages. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied.

  • Affordable!
  • Reliable!
  • Effective!
  • Convenient!

English, German and Polish Tutoring

We are happy to offer English as a second language, German and Polish classes. PolyGlots.us language center provides lessons for all ages and at all levels. Our main goal is to learn communication, we want to make you speak! If you feel unsure in your new neighbourhood because of poor English skills or if you want to start your adventure with German or Polish, PolyGLOTS.us is a perfect place for you. We create such conditions that students feel motivated and learn for themselves. It’s like planting seeds and watching them grow. We want to provide you with such phrases and expressions taht you can easily communicate. Our students are encouraged to use the language in real-life situations as soon as possible. It all makes our lessons highly effective. Why PolyGLOTS? Why is it worth it?

  • cosy home atmosphere,
  • small groups: max 5 students,
  • we focus on speaking - it’s our main goal,
  • teachers with great teaching experience,
  • all materials included,
  • modern teaching techniques,
  • effectiveness!

Little PolyGlots!

Ever dreamed on rising a bilingual child or have you just come with your family to the U.S.? You want your kids to have a good start at school? Make it easier with us! It’s so exciting to observe children’s development. We offer English and German classes for children aging 4-6 years. In this age they acquire the language naturally and almost effortless and it’s so much fun to introduce the new language through singing, games, movement, story-telling or role-play. The instructions are always accompanied by a demonstration so we are sure that our young learners are clear about the given task. They have our full support on their way to understand and use the new language. We offer a range of activities for each lesson and follow kids’ interests. We know how challenging but in the same time rewarding it can be to inspire and motivate young learners. We are aware that children love discovering things so we want to mix learning and play and create a cheerful and supportive atmosphere which will follow up in your kid’s success.


Are you looking for a specialized translation? Is it legal, healthcare or business document? Look no more. We are here to help you. Our translators are highly skilled proffesionals who are here to help you in any translation case you may have.

  • Legal translations,
  • Healthcare,
  • Websites localization,
  • Technical documentation.